Robin of Loxley

We are happy, you are visiting our publishing site. We are a new, german publisher and want to introduce our first game with a beat of the drum: The great Uwe Rosenberg has made the 2 player game: "Robin of Loxley" and chosen us as his publisher to add his game to your game collection. Follow us to England, in early medieval times and become the greatest thief of the era!  

In Robin of Loxley 2 players contend for the favour of King Lionheart! But to get good King Richard out of captivity, both protagonists have to cleverly plan their thieving runs against the traitorous Normans and their lord Prince John. Only the one of them who stole the most loot and gave it to the poor will gain the mercy of King Richard and become a hero to the common people. May the contest begin!

Set up
Loot tiles
Fame tiles
Fabulous Uwe

Number of players


Game length

30-45 minutes

Suitable for

8+ years


Uwe Rosenberg



Game preferences
Lucky devils

Game rules in German (coming soon).

Game rules in English (coming soon)

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