Little nasty monsters are stealing dragon Kin's gold. Can you stop them?

In this diverting card game players need to get rid of their cards to lose the fewest gold coins. All players try to outbid each other with ever-higher monster cards. But be careful! Those who cannot go higher with the cards risks taking all cards and losing a lot of gold coins. 

Drachensachen from Carsten Lauber and Rocky Bogdanski is a fast and easy to learn card game for 2-6 players. Playing their cards skillfully, players aim to get rid of all of their hand cards. But every card has to be higher than the one before. There are dragon cards to change your fate. Drachensachen with its simple and fast rules is a perfect fit for families. Every game round is slightly different as rules change or disappear entirely. 

Let the wonderful illustrations take you to the land of Kin and help defend the dragon's hoard.  

Paranoido Artwork
Hand cards
Game view
Kin is angry!

Number of players


Game length

15-30 minutes

Suitable for

age 10+


Rocky Bogdanski & 

Carsten Lauber



Game preferences
Lucky devils

Game rules in German.

Game rules in English.

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