About us

Alexander Ommer, Executive Director

Hello, I am Alexander and willing to work for you anytime at night and day... one moment please ... ok, you realised it yourselves - that's not gonna work. But I am organising everything, the fairs, the print, the shipment, test games, designer contracts, games, layout, editing, translations, ... *keeps talking* ...

In short, if you have any questions, send me an email to: alexander@wyrmgold.com. I will also forward your intricate questions to the designers and am looking forward to speak with newbies and veterans alike.


Maren Gutt, Illustrator

"And I am Maren. I think you do not want to hear much from me, or do you? More likely see! My strength is illustrating, drawing, painting, animating and designing the artwork, boxes, characters and worlds we all like to spend our time on. I like to hide small secrets and hints in my pictures and I love to see your happy faces while playing games."

Kin (金), Mascot 

“FFFffffhhh – FIRE! Ha, I am Kin, the small, pardon, miniature dragon giving the name to the company Wyrmgold. I love these old golden coins so much. Miiiiiiine! Take your paws off my game piece! Ok, only you may look at this game more closely. You are good at tickling behind my horns... yes that's the spot... we dragons love a good tickling. My scales start to rustle when you do this!"


Uwe Rosenberg

Known for: Agricola, Bohnanza, Patchwork, A Feast for Odin, Mama Mia, Cottage Garden and many more.

Uwe ist a legend in the board game scene and a well known and beloved designer. His Bohnanza game is not missing in any game collection, but his real breakthrough came with Agricola, his expert game of the year. Uwe recognises playing appeal from a far distance and has a strong talent to engage people for projects in a very casual way.

Daniel Weinand

Known for: Shopify, NuBlu

Daniel is an excellent poker player, talented composer, DOTA-fan, soccer player, selfmade swordsmith, sharpshooting trainee, cat rescuer, swims rarely more than 5 minutes and loves to found successful companies. His newest passion is to create a board game masterpiece.

Carsten Lauber

Known for: Crystal Palace

Carsten is a serious board gamer through and through, passionate volleyball player, shutterbug and he takes care people are never without electrical power.

His prototypes are very different and suitable for a lot of different audiences.

Alexander Ommer

Known for: Interstellar Mayhem, Tome of Calling, Digidiced

Alexander is a versatile human being. Being an entrepreneur, solo entertainer, web designer, sound producer, video cutter, game developer, networker, 3D modeller, programmer or producer, he somehow has done and lived a lot of lives. 

Martin Schlegel

Known for: Aqua Romana, West of Africa, Adios Calavera, Luther any many more

 Martin is an exceptionally gifted chess player and statistician. For many years he has developed interesting games and game systems. He is the master of short and simplified rules.

Rocky Bogdanski

Known for: Signs 

Rocky is a shooting star from the ranks of new board game designers and excelled with his crowdfunded game Signs in 2017 and was nominated in 2016 for the "Spiel des Jahres" for newcomers. He recently moved away from the beautiful "Ruhrgebiet" and is now living in Berlin and gets to know many new board gamers.

Unknown designer

Known for: the genius masterpiece

This could be you. If you have a great game idea, are a veteran or an unknown genius, do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We would love to test your game and maybe someday it will be here under your name. 

What are you waiting for? Mail us! alexander@wyrmgold.com

Our philosophy

We are always open, friendly and professional. Whether you are a designer, a customer, a publisher, a producer, a veteran or a newbie, casual or hardcore gamer is of no difference to us. 

The only thing that matters is: We are all united in this beautiful hobby which brings us together and enriches our lives.

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